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Of course, no meal is complete without the perfect drink to accompany it. At The Chophouse, we offer a superb array of wines, including several grown in Essex’s own vineyards. As well as our house wine list, which consists of 50 carefully curated bottles, we also offer a unique and extraordinary Specials list, courtesy of our partners at Peter Watts Wines:

“All our wines are produced and bottled in the country where the grapes are grown.

In order to maintain the utmost quality, it is best that the producer is responsible for all aspects of wine growing and bottling.

In order to save costs, many lower quality wines are now imported in large plastic balloons and bottled in the UK with a heavier addition of sulphites and other chemicals. We do not offer any UK bottled wines on our list, except of course the excellent Tuffon Hall wines, which are produced from vineyards here in Essex.

The wines on our list have been selected from many hundreds so we are totally confident you will be pleased with these outstanding wines.”

Peter Watts, Peter Watts Wines